Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunriver Trip for Gramma's Birthday

We decided that for Gramma's 64th birthday (yes Mom, I really did just post your real age on the internet!) we would take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Sunriver, OR for some fun in the snow.  We arrived in Bend just in time to have lunch at 10 Barrel Brewing with the Sander family, me, Mom and Aunt Robyn.

We rented a nice little condo in Sunriver, unloaded the cars, and struck out on a DIY sledding adventure!  We had heard about a good cinder cone hill that would make for some great sledding, so we drove towards the Lava Caves, parked the car and started hiking and looking for a good spot to sled.
Mom and I taking silly pictures of ourselves!
Mom (aka Gramma, the birthday girl) hiking through the snow.
Gramma and Enzo trooping along.

 We finally found a decent enough slope with no trees to inadvertently leap out into our path, and started some sledding fun.  Here Aaron is pushing Brigitta and Reney.

 And in this photo, Enzo is in front, Aaron is in the middle, and Reney is hanging on for dear life on the back!  Gramma stands behind with Orry.

Enzo and Gramma, Orry and Brigitta, enjoying the family sledding!

The whole Sander family with Gramma, wrapping up the DIY sledding trip.

Oh, and because this is a crafty, how to do-it-yourself kind of blog, here are some very clear instructions for making snow angels:

Step 1:  Lay down in the snow.

Step 2: Flap your arms and legs like crazy and it makes an angel!