Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pattern Testing for Flurry!

I am so excited to share this with you! I have been biting my blogger tongue for the past few days, but the official pattern release happened today, and now I can share!

Shelley over at Cora's Quilts offered up her new pattern Flurry for some pattern testing before the release. I have to tell you, I love how it turned out. I got to use some pinks, grays, Moda's grunge black (I love, love, love and heart that fabric!) and some scraps from my pink and gray ladder quilt.

This is a great pattern for all levels. It looks complex, and there are a lot of squares and triangles, but Shelley breaks it down so it is easy to put together.

And it makes for really good practice on matching up seams. Practice makes perfect, you know. I think I will go practice some more. :)

These blocks were really fun to make, and the sashing turned out really cool. I like the way the black border  grounds it all. I can't wait to quilt it and bind it. I will post finished pics when I get that part done, too!

So Cora's Quilts has this pattern for sale on the Etsy Shop. It's called Flurry, and for a limited time (until February 28, 2014), you can use the coupon code ThanksHeidi for 25% off the Flurry pattern! 

Photo courtesy of Shelley @ www.corasquilts.com

This is Shelley's original, and I think it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much to Shelley for letting me pattern test for her!

Photo courtesy of Shelley @ www.corasquilts.com