Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Beautiful Day at Mt. Tabor

Mike and I spent an amazing day at Mt. Tabor with my sister and her family for a birthday recently, and I wanted to share with you. For those of you in the Portland, OR area, Mt. Tabor is a fantastic park in SE Portland, and also home to several of Portland's reservoirs. The views from the top are amazing, and they have a fantastic playground for the kids, too. There are several tennis courts available, and the cyclists and street luge-ers abound! I apologize for the quality of the photos, but these were all taken with my ancient iPhone, since I forgot my camera. :) Just another sign of getting older...

Truly impressive views to downtown Portland.

The boys, taking a brief rest after a crazy uphill climb. I did mention that it's called "Mt. Tabor", right?

Reney up a tree...

Orry as far up the tree as his little legs could get him.

The whole crew up a tree, even my sister!

For you fitness fanatics, there are some serious steps at Mt. Tabor. You can definitely get your workout on by running these!

Mike and Brigitta getting a core and triceps workout on the swings. Playgrounds are great exercise, you know!

The boys, practicing their driving skills. I am not sure why the tallest one is in the back, since the two driving are both too small to see over the steering wheels!

Mike on the seesaw with Enzo. Just for the record, this is an amazing squat workout when one party is significantly heavier than the other party.

But Enzo was certainly having a good time!

I recommend you check out Mt. Tabor if you have never been... a beautiful place to be in the next couple of weeks with our weather. :) Have a great day, everyone!