Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hiking in the Gorge - Angel's Rest

In honor of the happy coincidence of a 3-day weekend with no previous commitments, we planned a hike with Mike's sister Beth and her fiance Danny. We are lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest, and some of the most beautiful hiking around happens in the Gorge. We picked the Angel's Rest hike - a 4.6 mile out and back with some waterfalls, some shale cliffs, and some panoramic views of the Gorge.

This shot is from the first break in the trees, on our way to the top of Cooper Falls.

We crossed the rock cliff, and just a few hundred yards later, Cooper Falls.

This hike is pretty cool because you can actually see the falls from above!

Beth and Danny on the bridge over the creek.

There were so many wildflowers along the trail: bluebells, trillium, irises, lady's slippers...

I have no idea what this one is, but Beth was nice enough to hold it for me so I could get a better picture! This was one of our favorites, so if anyone knows what this one is, please share!

 Queen Anne's lace...

Beth and Danny at the first overlook.

Me and Mike!

This is from the second big overlook...

Mike's selfie...

Beth and Danny
Me and Mike

My silly face. Yes. It looks like that most of the time.

Just a playful shove...

The hike had a section that traversed a shale cliff... very pretty views, and some comfortable rocks on which to take a water break.

We finally reached the top, and the views are truly spectacular!

You can actually see all the way to the I-205 bridge from up here!

There was a friendly neighborhood chipmunk, scamming for some treats.

And Danny...with his fearless free-climbing!

And then lunch at Edgefield McMenamins! Beth decided to try the wine sampler for lunch. Yes... she really is as happy as she looks right now!